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Class of '20, Alumni


Sarah Bergendahl

App Programming Committee Member

Chairman's Presenter

4th year on Team 701

Sarah is currently learning the ways of the programming committee. Her favorite part about robotics is the competitions. She loves to travel, and takes part in Vanden's Varsity tennis team. When she's older she would like to be a programmer or a computer science engineer.


Kaylani Dacanay

Media Manager

Operations Committee Member

Chairman's Presenter Understudy

App Programming Committee Member

2nd year on Team 701

Kaylani enjoys the family dynamics of the team. She is very organized and loves to bullet journal in her free time. She also loves photography and marching band/color guard.  After high school she wants to go to UC Davis and study Cognitive Science.


Kiana Dumdumaya

Mechanical Committee Head

3rd year on Team 701

Kiana is great at helping out wherever mechanical skills are needed, whether inside mechanical or not. She enjoys the labor part of robotics. Outside of robotics she involves herself in playing ukulele, singing, and playing volleyball. In college she is not sure on the specific major but she is hoping something to do with engineering.


Tyus Green

Electrical Committee Head

4th year on Team 701

Tyus is the son of our former Coach, Mr. Green. He also is the sibling of  a former team member, Leah Green, class of '14. Tyus brings lots of spirit and good ideas into the team. His favorite animals are porpoises and hedgehogs. In his future, he would like to have a nice lifestyle and hopefully work in the engineering field.


Will Hulett

Director of Engineering

4th year on Team 701

Will enjoys designing and seeing how certain designs work. Will has a unique skill in solving rubik's cubes, and along with design he likes to program. Once he graduates, he would like to become a programmer.


Roberto Ibarra

Mechanical Committee Member

2nd year on Team 701

Roberto is interested in challenging himself with manufacturing parts for the robot. Outside of robotics, he enjoys watching baseball. In the future, he wants to go into the mechanical engineering field at Oregon State University.


Taylor Jaseph

Outreach Manager

Safety Captain

Operations Committee Member

Mechanical Committee Member

4th year on Team 701

Taylor's favorite part of robotics is helping her team members and her favorite job is making gearboxes. She would describe her life as "reading and robotics." When she graduates she would like to go into civil engineering at CalPoly San Luis Obispo.


Tara Khanna

App Programming Committee Head

3rd year on Team 701

Tara loves to socialize with everyone she meets. She likes to help design and program the scouting app for the season. Outside of robotics she enjoys public speaking and hopes to become an engineer in the future.


Anthony Mendoza

Design Committee Head


3rd year on Team 701

Anthony is currently excelling in the ways of design. 

He leads his committee's rookies in designing important aspects of the robot. At home he enjoys playing video games, designing CAD for fun, and reading. In college, he wishes to pursue mechanical engineering.


Shaddai Phillips

Mechanical Committee Member

1st year on Team 701

Shaddai's favorite part about robotics is being able to be hands on with machinery and tools. Outside of robotics she enjoys playing tuba and classical piano. She is principal tuba player in our school's Wind Ensemble. For college she would like to go to Cal State Long Beach to study biomedical engineering. She would also like to work for NASA.


Nicolas Schallock

Robot Programming Committee Head

4th year on Team 701

Nic likes to hangout with his friends, play soccer, and play video games. He loves the color orange because it reminds him of oranges. He likes eating food, but not junk food.


Declan Uquillas

Electrical Committee Member

4th year on Team 701

Declan is interested in working with the electrical committee, and learning more things about electrical engineering. He enjoys spending his free time playing video games, and his favorite animal is the polar bear. He would like to go into electrical engineering in the future.

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