About Us

Coach: Ben Pochop


RPM Executive Board:

President: Mark Crusoe

Vice President: Cyndi Miles

Secretary: Sarah Burghardt

Financial Secretary: Brent Manuel

Treasurer: Duane Murphy

Student Leadership

Director of Operations: Sara Wolf

Engineering Director: Darren Ruiz

Secretary: Miles Petty

Business Manager: Derek Lance

Outreach Manager: Taylor Jaseph

Media Manager: Kaylani Dacanay


Engineering Committee Managers

Design: Alex Burghardt

Electrical: Andrew Leverett & Jessica Maglalang

Mechanical: Mitchell Provencher

Robot Programming: Jason Platte & Kenyon Scheper

App Programming: Christina Credo & Chichi Iheanacho

The Team (50)

Seniors (12)

Sarah Bergendahl

Kaylani Dacanay

Kiana Dumdumaya

Tyus Green

Will Hulett

Roberto Ibarra

Taylor Jaseph

Tara Khanna

Anthony Mendoza

Shaddai Phillips*

Nicolas Schallock

Declan Uquillas

Juniors (11)

Christina Credo

Derek Lance

Aaron Mundi

Kayla Ostrowski*

Damondre Pierre

Jason Platte

Darren Ruiz

Anek Sahota

Julie Tolentino

Shannon Winters*

Sara Wolf

Sophomores (18)

Tyler Bolin*

Tassia Brittain*

Alex Burghardt

Brayden Dean

Aidan Guerra

Hunter Hassler

Chichi Iheanacho

Andrew Leverett

Kailey Mills

Zach Moore*

Miles Petty

Mitchell Provencher

Aliza Ramos*

Vincent Romero

Adam Root*

Kenyon Scheper

Maya Swift

Tyler Westfahl

Freshmen (9)

Gabe Calise*

John Figueroa*

Sydney Johnson*

Jessica Maglalang*

Neal Patel*

Corina Robinson*

Elijah Ruiz*

Quy Tran*

Liam Yung*

*Rookies (17)

               At our school, we have 4 classes related to robotics: Engineering Technology (ET), Automation Engineering (AE), AP Computer Science (CS), and AP Computer Science Principles (CSP). Incoming freshman can take the Intro to Engineering Technology class or Engineering Technology 1. It is not required to take the class to be on the team, they just have to meet the hours requirement for the first semester. The next year, as sophomores, they can take the Engineering Technology 2 class. Students who have taken ET 1 & 2 can take either AE, CSP, CS, or ET 3 their junior and senior years.

               RPM stands for Robotics, Parents, and Mentors. They meet every second Monday of the month to maintain management of our team. Throughout the year, parents help the team with fundraising: car washes, recycling, raffle ticket sales, and Bingo. During build season, parents help with carpooling and catering and are reimbursed through RPM funds. Parents also help decide which regionals we should compete in and plan the hotels, flight tickets, etc. ahead of time.

     In addition to our efforts within our team, we are extremely dedicated to our presence in our community. We love to spread our enthusiasm as much as we can, bettering those around us as they better us in turn. We achieve this through many varied projects and relationships, all for the furthering of STEM, such as:

  - Mentoring VEX teams at Golden West Middle School and our school

 - Mentoring VEX IQ at Foxboro, Center, Travis, Cambridge, and Scandia Elementary Schools

 - Helping out with local programs, such as Coastal Clean Up or Relay for Life 

- Hosting VEX competitions at Vanden High School and Golden West Middle School 

- Hosting VEX IQ Scrimmages & Competitions 

- Demonstrating our robots, at school rallies, homecoming week, football games, and other district school-wide events

- Reaching out to our sponsors, such as demonstrating our robots at Genentech's Bring Your Kid to work day