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Jr. FLL and FLL

    Junior First Lego League is a hands-on program created to get young children from ages 6-9 interested in science and technology. Like FLL, there is a real-world challenge that has to be solved using research and their mind's imagination and thinking skills, being guided by coaches. Jr. FLL started in 2004 with the challenge No Limits (Disabilities). The 2017-18 challenge is Aqua Adventure.

     Using Jr.FLL Core Values, students work with LEGOs to create wonderful masterpieces that display what they learned and how they implemented it in their solution.

     FIRST Lego League prepares students for high school robotics. FLL is a program for students 9-14 years old and provides students LEGO Mindstorm kits and software. The program has an annual competition much like its older brother and is composed of two parts. One part is the assembly of a robot to complete tasks for a specific mission announced every year. Another is the Project in which students must answer a question related to the mission through a presentation that is preceded by research. The third is the core values category. Teammates have to make a board explaining how they have used the eight FLL core values inside and outside of FLL that season. FLL started in 1999 with the challenge FIRST Contact. The challenge Hydro Dynamics will be for 2017-18.

     We at Vanden used to mentor FLL teams at Cambridge Elementay School, Foxboro Elementary School, Sullivan Middle School, and Center Elementary School. We now currently mentor VEX IQ. 


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