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As Vex says, VEX IQ “encourages creativity through its easy-to-use construction system and approachable technology.” Students use snap-together plastic pieces so that they can really focus on their designs. They can get an introduction to programming with ModKit for Vex, a snap-block programming system. VEX also features the STEM Research Project so that young minds can explore not only engineering, but other science, math, and technology fields. VEX IQ started in 2012 with their game, “Rings-N-Things”. Their game for the 2017-18 year is called Ringmaster.


Our team has started 25 Vex IQ Teams at our 5 surrounding elementary schools, allowing robotics programs to be established throughout our entire school district. Students from 701 mentor these elementary students twice a week throughout the school year. At the different elementary schools, we also host monthly scrimmages to prepare them for their qualifying tournament in December.

vex iq

Vex Robotics Competition is a middle to high school program. It provides a good basis to build design, fabrication, and programming skills at an early age. VRC started in 2007 with their first game “Bridge Battle”. This year’s game “In The Zone” is played with two alliances, red or blue, and points are scored in several different ways: by stacking cones on goals, having the highest stacks, scoring mobile goals, and parking their robots.


Our Students have mentored for VRC at Golden West Middle School since they started competing in the 2012-2013 year, and in fact, many of our team members were inspired to join the RoboVikes due to their experiences as RoboStangs at Golden West.


Every December we host a qualifying Vex Tournament in our gym. It used to be for both middle and high school teams, but with the growing number of teams we split our competition! Starting February 2017, we were able to help Golden West host their own qualifying tournament for middle school teams, while we hosted both high school and middle school teams. At our December 2016 Tournament, 64 teams came to compete!


We wish all competing teams luck this year!

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