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Masterminds of FIRST Images:

John Abele

Paul Gudonis

Dave Lavery

Lego Images

Found on US FIRST site and  FIRST Lego League International site

Homepage Pictures: Doug Green, Evan Schramm, Abigail Young, Kaylani Dacanay



Pictures: Samantha Murphy, Amy Thelen, Amber Kimpel, Omena Mushale, Abigail Young, Kaylani Dacanay

Robot Profiles Content: Mr. Green, Eric Smith, Ki-Tae Wolf, Ian Dickerson, Abigail Young, Kaylani Dacanay, Anthony Mendoza

Written Articles: Eric Smith, Priya Rangan, Omena Mushale, Alexandria Adams, Eirene Ednacot, Abigail Young, Kaylani Dacanay, Sara Wolf

FIRST Information (featured in History):

Masterminds of FIRST Information:

Dean Kamen Information:

Woodie Flowers Information:

John Abele Information:

Paul Gudonis Information:

Dave Lavery:

Legos Information:

Found on  US FIRST site and FIRST Lego League International Site



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