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Class of '23, Seniors


Fatima Angulo Barba

Scouting Head

Outreach Committee Member

2nd year on Team 701

Fatima enjoys the company that robotics provides for her. Outside of school she enjoys reading and listening to music. After high school, she hopes to attend UC Davis and study computer science.


Nathan Gernert

Design Committee Member

1st year on Team 701

Nathan appreciates that designing helps him to feel accomplished. Outside of school, he enjoys weightlifting, skateboarding, and throwing events in track and field. After high school, he would like to attend Cal Poly or UC Berkeley to study mechanical engineering.


Sydney Johnson

Mechanical Co-Head

4th year on Team 701

Sydney enjoys the family that robotics provides for its members the most. She enjoys programming for fun, outside of school. She wishes to become a mechanical engineer in the future.


Jessica Maglalang

Electrical Head

4th year on Team 701

Jessica likes to watch how robotics and all of the different aspects of robotics works. She also plays in a marching band and plays soccer, as well as participates in her church's youth group. She would like to attend Cal Poly or Cal Tech for college.


Corina Robinson

Director of Operations

4th year on Team 701

Corina enjoys programming and likes to watch how the creations that she makes works. She likes to watch rugby and play video games, basketball, and soccer. She would like to attend Stanford in order to work at Google.


Elijah Ruiz

Director of Engineering

4th year on Team 701


Elijah loves that robotics allows him to be creative and allows him to do his own thing without many boundaries. He enjoys playing soccer and even participates on a competition team. He would like to study at UC Berkeley after finishing high school.


Quy Tran

Design Head

4th year on Team 701

Quy's favorite part of robotics so far is being able to work together with people in order to build a final project. He also enjoys participating in sports and various crafts. Quy would like to become a mechanical engineer in the future.


Liam Yung

Programming Committee Member

4th year on Team 701

Liam finds competitions and driving robots the best aspects of joining robotics. As hobbies, he likes to play video and board games, as well as reading. He would like to study at UCLA to possibly study computer science.

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