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    Even though COVID-19 may have prevented us from competing in person, we persevered! Our team was present at CalGames, an offseason competition, for awards such as robot recognition and two for our outreach and media teams. Additionally, we won the Founder's Award, the most prestigious award in the competition, demonstrating our commitment to the community! We also participated in the Capital City Classic through their virtual workshops. These can be viewed through Team 1678 Citrus Circuit's Youtube Channel.

Pros and Cons of Using NEO Motors Workshop

Using Onshape Workshop

Class of '21 Profiles



    Our team made it to the Quarter-Finals in the 5th seed at the Sacramento Regional! At the end of the competition, we received the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award for Duane Murphy and the Excellence in Engineering Award!  We cheered throughout the competition, sometimes even leading the chants with other teams (and the longest conga line ever). We also participated in the Silicon Valley Regional where we performed decently well. 

Build Season

Sacramento Regional

Silicon Valley Regional

Class of '22 Profiles


    Our team attended the Utah Regional, the Sacramento Regional, Capital City, and CalGames this year! Unfortunately, we received problems with our robot's design at the Utah Regional, having us to scrap the design for the competition and manufacture a new one. Although this would've affected our performance at other competitions, we performed better than we had expected. Even then, our spirits still remained high, celebrating with other teams!


Capital City

Sacramento Regional

Utah Regional

Class of '23 Profiles

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